(Last Updated On: January 17, 2018)

The iMose IM-10 Desktop GSM Phone comes in the shape of a desktop but works like a mobile phone considering that it is GSM-SIM card supported. It is manufactured for safe usage as it has no phone radiation.

With a menu driven interface for easy operation and configuration plus the ability to work with any GSM network with its Omni-directional signal antenna enabling it to receive signals from multiple cell towers and it receives GSM signals in even poor Network areas, the phone readily presents itself as sensational.

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  • Dual SIM
  • LCD Display
  • Ring Tone Options
  • Adjustible Volume
  • SMS feature available
  • Backlight LCD with status icons
  • Phonebook Memory: 200 entries capacity
  • Battery Life: 5days

iMose IM-10D Dual SIM Desktop GSM Phone - Black



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